The following opportunities take place through fall 2018. These opportunities are open to all registered alumni volunteers. To register for any of the following opportunities — or if you would like to learn about more specialized volunteer opportunities that fit your interests — contact Alumni Volunteer Coordinator Kim Easley at kim.easley@wayne.edu

Admissions/Student Recruitment

Warrior Summer Preview

8-10 a.m., July 19 and/or August 23

Encourage prospective students to become Warriors by giving them a sneak peak at what it's like to live and learn on Wayne State's campus.

student success

W Food Pantry

Help students in need and volunteer your time helping the W Food Pantry. You can volunteer for a whole day or for two-hour shifts. 

Spring/summer hours: Monday-Thursday, 1-5 p.m.

Fall hours: Monday-Thursday, 4-8 p.m., and Sunday, 2-6 p.m.

To sign up, contact Rainesha Williams-Fox and rai@wayne.edu.

Become a C2 Pipeline Mentor

July 25 – August 2

  • Collaborate with high school youth as they work on their inter-professional education teams to solve a prevalent health disparity.
  • Advise, encourage and provide feedback Empower youth to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Communicate with students in person (on WSU campus) or via phone, text, Skype, or email. You choose your preference.

Learn more (PDF).

Community Engagement and Legislative Advocacy

The Michigan House and Senate are advancing their versions of the coming fiscal year's higher education budget in the state legislature, and Wayne State's Division of Government and Community Affairs is asking for your help.

While both budgets include an increase for Higher Education and for Wayne State University, the Senate's budget includes a much greater investment in our students and our campus community. While Wayne State prefers the Senate's version of the budget (Senate Bill 857), the House's version has some very positive aspects as well. For instance, the House's budget (House Bill 5579) contains language that creates a task force made up of lawmakers and universities that would review the state's performance funding metrics next year. As you may know, Wayne State has long supported efforts to independently review the metrics to ensure they are incentivizing the rights things for our students and our state.

Would you be willing to contact your local State Representative and State Senator to let them know you support the Senate's version of the Higher Education budget and the House's call to create a task force to review the metrics?