Warriors Together Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin volunteering at Wayne State University?
Start by completing the online volunteer interest form. This form is available online year-round. Once this is completed, we will schedule a phone call to learn more about you and your volunteer interests.

What type of work do Warriors Together volunteers perform?
Volunteers may perform any official university or alumni-related volunteer role, under the direction of the alumni volunteer coordinator. Volunteers serve as mentors, recruitment ambassadors, diversity and inclusion allies, legislative advocates, community service project leaders, and much more.

Why do people volunteer?
Warriors Together participants volunteer for many different reasons. Volunteers gain valuable skills, help students and the university, make a difference in the community, reconnect with classmates, make valuable connections, and have fun. 

Is there a frequency requirement?
Length of service is determined by mutual agreement between the volunteer coordinator and the volunteer. Some roles involve a few hours of time and others are daylong commitments. Some volunteers may want to serve only a couple of hours for a one-time event, while others may want serve for months or years.

Do I need training?
Training depends on the activity and department hosting the volunteer activity. The volunteer coordinator or project lead will tell you everything you need to know about your role to get you started. 

I only want to volunteer one time or at a special event. Is this possible?
Although the Warriors Together program is designed to engage volunteers with as many meaningful opportunities as available, volunteers have the option to participate in one-time events — but we hope you'll enjoy it so much that you'll want to come back.

I work full-time and only have evenings or weekends free. Is there an opportunity for me?
Absolutely! There are many events and activities in the evenings and on weekends. The alumni volunteer coordinator will work with you to find opportunities that fit your schedule. 

Are parking and meals provided for volunteers?
If parking and meals are provided for specific volunteer assignments, details will be provided at that time. 

Is a background check required?
Verification of employment and specific government registries are checked before a volunteer is offered any volunteer opportunities. These verifications will take place on an annual basis and more frequently if requested by a university administrator.