Staff Who Inspire: Gail Evans-Hoze

Gail Evans-Hoze
Gail Evans-Hoze

Gail Evans-Hoze is an academic advisor in the Industrial and Systems Engineering department in the College of Engineering. She is a Wayne State alum with a bachelor’s in criminal justice and master’s in sociology. As an advisor since 2004, she supports students on their career paths, helping them graduate and become industry leaders.

Gail is their biggest cheerleader. “I am most proud of helping students turn it around,” says Gail. “Some students come here underprepared, or life situations get in the way. I would take them under my wing and provide a support base for them.” In her role, she meets with amazing young people and their families, some blossoming into friendships.

"I want to leave a legacy – that I made a difference in someone’s life."

Gail chooses to amplify her impact at the university by donating via payroll deduction, which she has done for nearly 25 years. Why does Gail give to Wayne State? “It is easy to give back to something or someone who has given so much to you.” Gail deeply values the education she received as a student and how Wayne State helps nurture students into leaders in their fields. “Wayne State gives students awesome, awesome opportunities and helps empower the next generation of great people.”

This August, Gail will be retiring after 43 years at Wayne State. The opportunities, people and location all inspired her to remain dedicated to the university for over four decades, “There is nothing to not like about it,” she smiles.

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