Green and gold across the nation

There are thousands of Wayne State alumni soaring personally and professionally in locations from coast to coast. That means there are thousands of well-placed people willing and able to help you engage with your community.

Wayne State regional networks offer a simple way to keep in touch with your favorite classmates as well as meet people who weren't on campus with you but who live nearby now. Connect with your network to be informed about:

  • Official WSU celebrations
  • Networking events
  • Casual gatherings
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Philanthropic days of service
  • Student recruitment
  • Recent grad and industry mentorship
  • Giving Day challenges

You can stay in touch with people who share your green-and-gold pride whether you're a stone's throw from campus or clear across the country. Get started by choosing the regional network closest to you.

Wayne State Alumni Chicago
Wayne State Alumni DC
Wayne State Alumni LA
Wayne State Alumni NYC Wayne State Alumni Silicon Valley

Don't see a group nearby? Join the Warriors Together alumni volunteer program to get involved in a meaningful way, and reach out to Mackenzie Friedman with any questions.