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Support your school or college

Every school and college has special projects that benefit from your support. If you're passionate about your school or college, make a meaningful impact by supporting their annual fund.

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Basic Needs

No student should have to abandon their dream of earning a degree solely because of housing, hunger or other financial challenges. If helping students cover their basic needs so they can focus on their studies is important to you, Wayne State has programs that need your support.

Urban Health

From the School of Medicine and the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to the nationally ranked College of Nursing, Wayne State is leading the way in urban health care research. Through a continuous focus on innovation in education, research and clinical care, Wayne State is dedicated to urban clinical excellence. If health care and health care research are important to you, Wayne State has a fund you can support.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are woven into Wayne State's mission. We value all people and understand that their unique experiences, talents and perspectives make us a stronger institution and better individuals. We strive to make this campus a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. There are many diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives you can support at Wayne State. These funds help us continue to be a university of opportunity for all.

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The Arts

100,000 people attend College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts exhibits, lectures and performances every year, making this college the cultural gateway to Wayne State University. Whether it's fine arts and the galleries or the new Gateway Performance Complex, if supporting the arts is a passion for you, there are many ways to support them at Wayne State.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Recently named one of the nation's most innovative cities, Detroit is becoming known as a powerhouse in technological and entrepreneurial ingenuity – and Wayne State is at the heart of it all. Every day, Warriors make an impact in their communities through innovation and entrepreneurship, leaving Wayne State's footprint on research, economic development and educational excellence throughout the region and around the world.

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Lifespan Topics

From improving the welfare of children and their families through the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute to the research in the social/behavioral sciences and issues of aging and urban health at the Institute for Gerontology, Wayne State is committed to improving lives at all ages. No matter what topic you're interested in supporting, Wayne State has a fund that aligns with your passion.