Thank you for leaving your legacy at Wayne State

"Including the university in your estate plan is a visionary act, and one that lives on beyond the donor. At Wayne State University, our gratitude to you knows no bounds." President M. Roy Wilson

Research Warrior: Scholarship recipient feels supported

Ramarra Garrett, Ph.D. candidate in education and recipient of the Gordon W. Draper Endowed Scholarship, appreciates the scholarship support that makes it possible for her to pursue a Ph.D. in education. She is grateful for the supportive faculty at Wayne State and her classmates who inspire her to strive for excellence. Scholarship support from members of the Old Main Society will help her achieve her dreams.

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"Having the support of the Otis Reider Scholarship has positively impacted my ability to make progress on my dissertation. Their commitment to funding research concerning gender and sexuality will be impactful for generations to come, and I am truly grateful for their kindness and generosity."

Katie Parks, Ph.D. candidate in Department of History, Recipient of the Charles F. Otis and Dr. Jeffrey L. Reider Endowed Scholarship

Giving for today and tomorrow

Giving to (and benefiting from) Wayne State

Chuck Otis '83 and Jeff Reider are longtime supporters of Wayne State University. In 2012, they established the Charles F. Otis and Dr. Jeffrey L. Reider Endowed Scholarship in the Department of History to support students studying gender and sexuality.

Chuck and Jeff have been inspired by the impact their scholarship has on students, and this has motivated them to keep giving. "We're always looking at how we can add more," said Jeff. "We're very impressed by the appreciation that the recipients show."

This year the couple made an even bigger commitment to Wayne State, pledging a significant portion of their estate to create a graduate fellowship in history.

Chuck and Jeff know their endowed gifts will leave a legacy that extends for many generations. They're also glad they have the opportunity to meet the students their scholarship supports right now. "If you have the ability to do it while you're alive, you can see the difference you're making," said Chuck.

While there are many needs and worthy causes, they believe supporting education is crucial. "Education enables you to participate in society," said Chuck. "By giving to Wayne State, you can help someone who might not be able to attend."

Old Main Society facts

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Pictured from left to right: Chuck Otis '83 and Jeff Reider