Staff Who Inspire: Fareed Y. Shalhout

Fareed Y. ShalhoutLike most people throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Wayne State community has searched for ways to create a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos while also finding a way to continue moving forward despite the sudden need to remain in place.

One such way is to acknowledge those members of our community who have chosen to help ensure the university continues to thrive and is able to nurture our students, both in and out of the classroom.

Fareed Y. Shalhout has served as Wayne State's Associate Director of Student Programs, Educational Outreach and International Programs since August 2016. He recognizes the importance of having a spirit of philanthropy across campus and even advocates for it, especially when our students are the primary recipients of such efforts. "A culture of philanthropy provides opportunities directly to students that we serve on a daily basis," said Fareed.

Last year, he made his first gift on Giving Day to the Passport Drive. His motivation? A familial connection to the campus that has remained strong over the years. "I believe in the WSU mission and values, not only as a WSU staff member but as someone who has siblings who graduated from WSU. I see first-hand the success that a Wayne State degree has provided to my brothers and sister. I want to pay it forward."

As both a donor and associate director, Fareed is "paying it forward" in more ways than one. When asked what the best part about working at Wayne State is to him, he said, "hosting cultural exchange programs such as Fulbright Orientations, Engineering Summer Camp, and the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program throughout the summer and seeing the bond participants make with the WSU community, City of Detroit, and the student leaders who oversee the program. It's rewarding to see the impact that international education has on our campus."

Wayne State is home to approximately 3000 international students and visiting scholars from roughly 100 countries. As one would imagine, Fareed is passionate about international experiences. "I want to provide WSU [students] with the experience of having access to see the world through a different lens," Fareed said. "It has a positive impact and exposes one to a world outside of their comfort zone."

As Fareed has shown, there is sure to be an area on campus that best aligns with your passions and he encourages fellow Wayne State employees to donate. "[Giving to Wayne State] shows that we believe in the mission and work that WSU works to achieve every day," he said, "any amount you donate does go far. You won't regret donating to such a good cause."

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