Your gift makes a powerful difference at Wayne State University

Our students are eager to make an impact on the world, and your generosity enables them to focus on learning. Scholarship recipient Christina Krysiak said, "Having that help just makes such a difference to us and to our families."

Christina is inspired by Wayne State's location in Detroit, and as an art student, she's using her skills to fuel social justice. Watch the video below to learn more about her story.

Anthony Wayne Society scholarship student uses art to promote social change

Future educator hopes to make you proud


"The scholarship I received helps me focus on my studies instead of worrying about the financial aspect of going to college."


Isaiah Catapang headshotIsaiah Catapang has loved social studies since he was 6, when he lost the remote to a television that was 'stuck' on the History channel. Now a Wayne State student, Isaiah's passion for history motivated him to major in secondary education. "I believe my love of social studies is best used to teach students," he said.

Isaiah is a recipient of the Beverly Bain Endowed Memorial Scholarship and appreciates the space it creates for him to focus on his classes, without having to juggle work and studies. He thinks the mindset a scholarship creates is almost as important as the financial relief. "It's most definitely easier to do well when you have a scholarship," he said. "Usually students are thinking about income, grades and family. A scholarship is a great morale boost it shows that hard work does pay off."

Isaiah is grateful to the Anthony Wayne Society donors who created his scholarship. "I would have had to work in my freshman year if I didn't have my scholarship," he said. "I would like to thank the donors. You are helping the next generation of educators. I hope that I can make you proud."