Floyd Rumohr, CFPCA '85


Alumnus Floyd Rumohr
Photograph by Victor Giganti

Floyd Rumohr, executive director of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, was elected to the Brooklyn Power 50 by City & State New York, a non-partisan media organization dedicated to covering New York’s local and state politics and policy. Rumohr was among 50 people in the borough who are key players in the world of New Your politics and government. The list was comprised of people who are “not strictly in government, but who influence it from the outside.”

Since joining the Brooklyn Community Pride Center as its executive director in 2016, Rumohr has galvanized supporters to demonstrate for gay rights while securing grants from donors to keep its programs going. In January, the center received a $120,000 grant to establish a paid internship program for LGBT young professionals to help them connect with employment opportunities.


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